Saturday, January 30, 2010

Goals and Resolutions

There is a very fine line between goals and resolutions. Goals are short or long term targets for achieving something and resolutions are, basically, good intentions. Did you know that only 3% of the fine inhabitants of our great nation make goals? Did you also know that the wealthiest people of this same nation are among those who make goals? Well, boy howdy, I'm making me some!

This is a brand new decade and with it will come concrete, thought-out, written-down, date-stamped Goals. Number one on this list of goals is to shed a few of these unwanted pounds that somehow mysteriously attached themselves to me in all the most unflattering areas in the last decade. So how do you achieve goals, you may ask? Write them down, figure out when you want to achieve them by, identify the obstacles that may get in the way, and focus on the benefits that will shower down upon you when you achieve your goal.

So let's see; 40 lbs lighter, by November 2010, everything good tasting under the sun, and obviously to look fabulous in a bikini and be the envy of all other 52 year-olds. There. I have bared my soul to all of the millions of people who read my blog who can now and forever hold me accountable to my publicly stated goal of the year. Whew.

Oh don't you worry your pretty little head. I've got plenty of other goals as well. I'll keep you posted, I need to go now and nibble on something...

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Syndromes vs Addictions

Restless Leg Syndrome. I'm sorry, I can't talk to you right now. It is past my bedtime and my legs are convulsing; twitching relentlessly, disavowing authority of control from my brain. Apparently this syndrome mostly manifests itself during sleep, but I find that it creeps up on me well before beddie bye and hacks its way into my nerves; setting off spasm-bombs that go off repeatedly and sporadically causing my laptop computer to become a nauseating moving target. This is a syndrome that I have no control over.

Addictions are something altogether different. I'm here to tell you, boys and girls, don't be a bad person and hang out on street corners and back alleys bit-torrenting like there is no tomorrow. Learn from my mistakes. Yes, I'm a bit-torrenting junkie, and it is taking its toll. 

Even as I write this I have adware popping up at inconvenient and annoying intervals on my computer. Shoot. This is not the first time I have inadvertently downloaded viruses. I meant to be more careful. This is an addiction and it can be controlled, but unfortunately, I choose not to.

Now I must shuffle the "walk of shame" and ask forgiveness from my I.T. Guru. "Never again", I will chant. Until the next time.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

OMG! Have you seen It??!!

I am in love. I have fallen head over heals. I shall describe it in words you may understand. Trim, large, fast, breathtaking, outstanding performance. Yes, I am talking about the new iMAC with the 27" display.

I don't have an Apple store where I live. 2,000 miles out in the middle of the ocean on a tiny rock only 30 miles wide. It is astonishing that we even have internet and wireless phones available. Anyway, over the winter break when visiting family in Portland I walked into a store and there it was. Beckoning me with its glossy screen. Seducing me with its simplicity and charm. I stared at it dreamily, thinking, "I must have you." Alas, I left Portland with only the memory of that chance encounter.

So, now, I'm putting it out to the universe: Please give me that iMAC 27" right away. This month would be preferable. I mean, why not? Some random person with money to burn (only $1,700 plus shipping) may read this blog and take pity on my heart-wrenching forbidden love affair and fulfill my dreams (contact me for my shipping address).

If I've piqued your interest, you can check it out here.

Soap by the Slice: Citrus Summer

Yes, it is still winter but we can all enjoy a little bit of summer thanks to my new batch of castile soap. Citrus Summer features olive, castor, and coconut oils to produce a creamy and smooth lathering soap. Essential oils of lemon and ylang ylang make it refreshing and invigorating. Close your eyes and you will be transported back to the sunny days of summer.

Each bath bar is about 4 oz (maybe a little bit more) and they can also be purchased in hand-soap sized (2 oz) as well as travel size (1 oz). For more information and pricing click here.

Facebook vs the Blog

My experiment with Facebook, I think, is coming to a close. The nifty difference between having a blog and interacting on Facebook is that the blog isn't comprised of daily stalkers wondering what I am doing at any given moment, or past acquaintances bragging about their recent vacation shooting skeet in the middle of nowhere with their Very Dear Friends. It was all way too much to keep track of.

Even my 85 year old mother could see it for what it was. A pain the the *ss. My well-meaning niece thought that it would be a great idea if her grandmother had a Facebook account to keep track of and communicate with all of her family. In retrospect, I think that it would be safe to say that if the woman is still trying to answer the phone with the TV controller, then Facebook might be somewhat of a challenge for her. Long story short, I helped delete her account and probably no one will be the wiser.

Anyway, I am back (if there is even anyone who cares or is reading this blog) and I've got some more soapy goodness to share as well as thoughts on the coming new year. Yeah!