Saturday, November 17, 2012

Re-finding Perspective

When my kids were young, I felt that I could help shape the way they looked at the world.  I would ask them either, "What was something funny that happened today?" or "What was something that you learned today?"  My kids are now all in their 20's, verging on 30's, and I still love to ask these questions.

My intention was that if I asked them often enough, they would start looking for something amusing, or remember something interesting that happened during their daily activities, anticipating my interrogations at the end of the day. I was hoping that with this mind-frame, it might actually help to influence their attitude toward how they perceive their life.

Now, when my kids call me on the phone, the one thing they can always count on is that I am going to be wanting to hear something humorous or  fascinating that has happened to them.  I'm not sure that this has actually changed the way they look at life, but it does give me something to chuckle over and repeat to my friends.  Some of the best examples of these things was when my oldest son was working as a night porter at a 4-star, dog-friendly, hotel that was often frequented by celebrities. People-interactions at Starbucks and Powell's Book Store, from my daughters, are also great fodder for human interest stories.  

But today, it just struck me that I, myself, have perhaps slipped away from my own philosophy, and am focusing mostly on the frustrations and obstacles that I encounter during the course of my own day! I unload these experiences and interactions on anyone who might listen.  Probably not a positive experience for anyone concerned.  Perhaps this is one reason that I have been unmotivated to even write my blog for the past 12 months. 

This realization struck me so profoundly that I feel that I have found my "muse" again.  Hopefully, I can begin sharing these again with anyone who might be interested. Feel free to check back...

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